Van hunting

Before you can really take off on any travel adventures you must pick out the right type of vehicle.

When we did our first van tour in Australia we settled for a small Ford Econovan.

It had a fairly good engine but needed some minor work like a new fanbelt. In the end it was an absolute bargain for $1,000 Australia dollars ( at the time of purchase that was like $750 USD)

What we learned from that van, and our experience owning it was priceless.

Whilst it was small it was cozy and it really showed our ability to be far more minimalist then we thought we would be comfortable with ( it was a pleasant surprise how much less stuff we could live with)

How ever we learned from our time on the road that we would prefer a high top van just because we hadn’t considered being able to stand up straight in the van.

Our second van which we purchased this past October and lovingly dubbed “Astrid”

Is our 2007 Mercedes sprinter van.

Now for this van we spent a bit more, we had thought a lot about it, had time to save (our first van was more of an impulse) it’s a new enough model that we can use an OBD scanner to self diagnose mechanical issues, it’s a reliable van, had low milage, long wheel base means we have lots of room inside and more importantly we can stand up straight no problem.

It’s a work in progress, currently it’s cost us just over £4,000 – that’s purchase price plus price of supplies for the build

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