Begging trend

I’ve always considered myself empathetic, if I see someone in trouble or hurting I tend to try and help if I can, BUT this doesn’t extend as far as some would hope.

Recently, in a number of groups I’m in I’ve encountered people requiring assistance.

Now if it’s someone who’s broken down and needs mechanical advise while she tries to contact a mechanic – I’m all for helping.

That’s a genuine stress, which the van community can chime in on and assist.

I’m sure the van forums are a huge wealth of mechanical knowledge and helpful information just waiting to be tapped into.

Then you’ve got a genuine problem, someone who’s not prepared, who doesn’t have the money for a expensive mechanical issue – even this I can sympathize with, ideally you should have available savings for repairs.

But sometimes in life that just doesn’t happen and you’re really just stuck.

That sucks, and even if I can’t assist I still can empathize that it’s not an easy situation and you may require some help.

BUT the thing I’ve seen so often recently and I just am absolutely failing to empathize with.

Is people begging! Kids just graduated from University, trying to beg using GoFundMe so someone pays for his new wheels!

A couple claiming to want to create “content” on your dime.

Please sir, I really need you to finance this $400 GoPro so I can show off all the pretty places I go once someone buys me a van

Like what!?

Has nobody heard of work? Why should strangers on a van group pay for YOUR van.

There are hundreds if not thousands of people on this planet right now trying to film content on the road, do NOT think you’re some kind of vanlife pioneer.

If you want to live in a van, that’s absolutely fair enough. Everyone should have the right to do what they want – and if it’s really your “life goal” then you can make it happen, a second hand van can be bought cheap, you can work and have the ability to save

Work extra shifts like the rest of us did, take a second job. Stop going out to restaurants or having a takeout coffee in the morning. There are tons of ways to cut corners and save the extra $ to put towards the vanlife dream.

I recently got married in the most expensive country in the world, and guess what? I pinched some pennies here and there so that I wouldn’t blow my van budget which I’d been working hard on saving!

You can make it work. You just have to want it enough to be motivated.

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