About Us

Who are we?

I’m sure Nick will want to have his input on this later. But I’ll start this for us.

We are: a Bermudian couple who are currently working on our second van conversion (the first one was in Australia)

we found this alternative lifestyle on the road far more appealing then the basic 9-5 bustle.

We both consider ourselves digital nomads, we can work from anywhere as long as we have data or wifi.

Nick’s a programmer/web dev

And I specialize in marketing & advertising (but I dabble in web design too)

We enjoy spending time exploring new places (obviously) beach combing, hiking, spending huge amounts of time in museums and old buildings and checking out local culture/art/music

Our Australia tour went mostly undocumented (it was absolutely amazing) so this website is basically our digital scrap book and a place to share how we have managed to make this life work for us..

We get asked lots of questions so we figured document it, share it and show people its relatively easy to achieve if you want it.

We adhere to a fairly easy budget (not hard when you’re not paying rent or mortgage) and we tend to spend money on experiences vs material possessions.

Our main goal right now is to just experience and see as much as we can, while also being low impact/off grid and practicing a minimalist approach in life.

Thanks for checking out our site! And if you have any questions, comments or anything feel free to shoot us an email adventures42@gmail.com