Australia scraps

So, I was in Australia…

I’d dragged Nick across the globe to see where I had been, and we knew we wanted a good way of seeing as much of Australia as possible.

I put my feelers out, and my friend Kerri pointed me in the direction of a friend of hers, who had an old Ford Econovan he was selling which ended up being our first van!

Lovingly dubbed “Coco the Ford Econovan” we drove her all over Tasmania and then we took the ferry over to Melbourne and explored all the way up the coast from Melbourne, and ended our adventures in Brisbane.

Greens beach in Tasmania.

Our first night spent sleeping in the van – we woke up to this view. Absolutely stunning national park.

Out near wynyard in Tasmania. Another scenic spot

A beach somewhere on the boarder of Victoria and NSW

2 Replies to “Australia scraps”

  1. Hi Grace & Nicolas:
    Congratulations on living your dream! I love your story because it mirrors my retirement dream (2019). I’m also a fan of the cross-country van experience and a real tiny house buff…so much in common. My husband is on board and is a jack of all trades and a true “honey do” kinda guy. Europe is our destination too. You’ve inspired me greatly because I hadn’t considered the van concept but was thinking that those airfares will mount up. We have some good contacts across Europe to touch bases with if we want. So I’ll be following your “advantures” as I plan my new direction. Thanks and continued safe journey. You guys are awesome! Blessings, Margaret

    1. That’s great to hear! Sounds like you’ll have an amazing time! You should definitely get a van! We’ve met so many people along the way who are enjoying their retirement in a Van or RV

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