Cooking in the van

So something that seems to peak people’s curiosity is how we cook and eat in the van, so I’ve decided to share how we’ve been doing this on the road.

First of all, I love cooking, so we knew from the designing stage that a kitchen was a definite MUST as well as a big fridge/freezer.

When we did our layout a big amount of our space was dedicated to a cooking area as well as space for my massive fridge/freezer.

We opted for a sink/gas burner combo so right away I have the ability to cook on a gas stove as well as use the sink, we also purchased a gas canister oven. This allows us to also make all the lovely foods we missed on our last van trip (pizza, roast veggies etc)

We also have a camping gas canister single burner stove. This can be used in addition to the built in one, but also can be used outdoors if we want to have a picnic or cook outside.

Between these things I can pretty much cook anything I want that I’d make in a traditional kitchen

I won’t lie, some days I do miss my instapot and dehydrator but I don’t really have enough space to justify those!

My fridge freezer is a whole other story! When we had our van in Australia we had this seriously tiny fridge I think it was maybe ten litres? That ran off power on the cigarette lighter. It made what I could keep with us in the van super limited which meant we often had to go to the grocery store for new items, and I could not store any kind of large packaging.

We found this increased our over all cost, and we became less efficient, as well as wasting gas to get to the shops often.

By having a larger unit it allows us longer term food storage, it’s also completely run off our solar panel and takes less power then Nick’s laptop!

This means I can buy items in bulk that we use often, for example this past week we visited my parents friends who own a dairy farm, we purchased several types of cheese from them and if I had a smaller fridge I would have probably not gotten more then one type for lack of storage.

Now we can enjoy their delicious organic cheeses for the next couple weeks!

Our van is a work in progress. We decided to move into it before it was “complete” because it saved money and meant that we could also leave England and get out of the cold (winter in a van in the UK was not on our list of things to do)

So we promptly escaped to Spain without even having our kitchen done! It has been slowly coming together.

Nick built the basic frame for kitchen cabinets, as well as the counter top with the collapsible sink/burner combo.

This is hooked up to our 6kg gas bottle, we also have the gas canister oven on the counter top. Once we’re done we’ll ideally have cabinets and a leaf table.

For now we have some Ikea bins on a shelf that’s secured by our ever handy bungy cords! It’s a little rough but it works!

It’s not hard to cook in the van! We cook sometimes several times a day.

Today I made chorizo with sauteed bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach and a soft Portuguese cheese that went with some fried eggs an was absolutely delicious!

I’m going to possibly write/film a bit on budget meals and prep.