The Build

The build is currently a work in progress.

We started with a 2007 Mercedes Sprinter long wheel base with a few scratches and dents on her.

We picked her up in London.

What we aim to do is fully convert her into a luxury camper with everything you need and more (can you say Japanese soaking tub!)

So far we’ve: stripped out the old flooring, back set of chairs, and cargo barrier.

Insulated everything, and put up plywood walls.

As well as installing wood flooring. We have a simple bed frame and shelf built (with a ton of modifications to come)

This may not sound like a lot, but the majority of this has happened whilst also living out of the van!

It’s been a learning experience!

Our last van in Australia was smaller, and all we essentially did was build storage and a bed, and we did all of that in our own warehouse space with a decent supply of free wood and all my brothers old power tools.

This time we’re in a foreign country, we don’t have many tools (though Nick’s collection appears to be growing) and we definitely don’t have a warehouse at our disposal!

It’s coming along though and each time we finish something it feels like we’re closer to our end goal.